Realizing Potential in Israel's Growth Industries

Tene III exceeds its fundraising target of $200M

Tel-Aviv, September 4th, 2013 – Tene III exceeded its fundraising target of $200M. Most of Tene III's investors are institutional investors, both Israeli and non-Israeli. The majority of investors in Tene I & II made follow-on investments in the new Fund.

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Tene Investment Funds acquires T.A.G. Medical Products Corporation LTD.

In early July, Tene Investment Funds acquired a 51% controlling stake in T.A.G. Medical Products, a sophisticated surgical device company located in Kibbutz Gaaton.
T.A.G. Medical Products develops, manufactures, and markets surgical tools and implants for Arthroscopic, Orthopedic, and Endoscopic soft tissue procedures.

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Tene Investment Funds completes sale of Netafim Ltd. holding to Permira

Tel Aviv, December 21, 2011 – Tene Investment Funds, an Israeli private equity fund focused on Israeli industry has successfully completed the sale of Netafim Ltd., the global leader in smart drip and micro irrigation. Permira, the European private equity firm, acquired 61% in Netafim from the Kibbutzim Yiftah and Magal and the Israeli funds Tene and Markstone.

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